Talking about my past with my therapist

Today I went to my therapy appointment and after last week I really wanted to have stuff of substance to discuss and we kinds naturally went into it when we started talking about psychology…

I told her I had thought I had borderline but my old therapist said “I’m not convinced” after giving him what I thought was a convincing argument lol but I guess not… I can relate more to bipolar… But I’m really glad we talked about that.. She brought up why did I have to label it.. And I told her because I felt as if I felt emotions differently than others and I wanted to know why…

I admitted to her about my self esteem issues.. And how I had no pride as well as my relationships to others…

I’ve been sleeping alot lately and I just want to snuggle up in bed. She mentioned again I’m not my enthusiastic self… Told her I’m just tired.. I don’t feel depressed.. I just want to stay home and be with my husband… I don’t want to chat or be with friends… Psychically tired…

Does that sound like depression.. Or depression about to start….

What do u think?

Talked about how been thinking about distancing myself from one of my best friends because I’m not sure if she’s a friend….

What kind of friend keeps a mental note of your faults and time you fucked up? Even if they have nothing to do with your him/her…

But yeah..

Hubby told me today that he can’t tell whether I’m happy or sad anymore lol whatever that means… Maybe I have resting bitch face… Who knows? But

wouldn’t that be something he would have mentioned before…?



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