Therapist thinks I’m a Druggie

so she didnt out right tell me that she thinks i am but i can tell… I went to my bestfriends house for christmas and we did a bunch of coke… i told her that i dont use it often once in a blue moon… so last week i went to my appointment with her and i wasnt myself.. i was kinda drained..a bit tired and i was sleepy.. it was just something about the way she asked me why i’m sleepy… i just dont know i just get the impression that she thinks i am.. something about the way she asked and looked at me.

i dont know what to think!

I also dont like that she has this impression of me as well.. i just got this overall weird feeling at the moment about her..

i also got too loud and excited during a discussion and i felt as if i disrespected her some how.. when i left her office i called her to apologize.. she said there was no need.. she wasnt offended that i’m just “paranoid.” of course that does happen cause i have bipolar but i just felt off when i left her.. i dont know..



  1. your therapist sounds like she is just concerned, maybe its paranoia on your part, but if its any consolation I often call or email my therapist between sessions to ask for clarification on something, its ok to do that…

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