I see dead people…

So i’m home alone for the rest of the week and hubby is in Vegas while brother is in Cali.. i’m home all alone and i’m super frightened. I hate being alone and i cant have anyone over because hubby can still see what goes on in the apartment because we have a camera hooked up and he can see everything… he doesnt want anyone over.  I guess that’s for the best anyway…

He’s in vegas because his mother’s husband has passed away. Hubby’s step father… So anyway the real craziness happened the day he passed away. i had to be at work at 4 a.m to get the store ready for thanksgiving… anyway that day at the store i saw ghosts.. and i see them often but that day it was really alarming because they were everywhere… every where my eyes turned i saw another one and another one and in hindsight i wish i would have asked what do you want? but i didnt i was just like what the heck is going on here.. i havent spoken to my therapist about it yet but when i see her i will…

I’ve seen my first one when i was about 7 years old…  so yeah i’m scared to be home all alone.. i hope i dont see them tonight..

do any of you see ghosts or things that arent there… it happens to me all the time now… hmm..



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