Bullshit at work

so one of my managers told me that this girl at my job has been talking crap about me. She’s been mentioning my name alot and i’m like why is this chick even concerned with me… mind you this girl is young and i have to keep it in mind that i shouldnt worry too much about what she has to say… she’s young… opinionated…. and immature… but it’s hard to ignore.. so the other day when we worked together i wasnt saying much to her.. only speaking when spoken to or keeping my answers  short with her..and i have to say that i’m probably the friendliest person at that job and i talk to everyone…well it wasnt hard for her to see that i had an issue with her..

she brought up the fact that she thinks i’m upset with her to a manager… (of course the manager told me) and the manager told her that yes i’m upset with her because one of my close coworkers told me she was talking crap about me… but the young girl was like “oh but it’s true and it’s not like it’s a secret.” and my manager told her “it doesnt matter if it’s true or false the mere fact that you’re talking about her in a negative light is wrong.” or something like that.. anyway i’m kinda stressed that my manager was naming names and i just want to pull myself out of it… i dont know how…

my good friend is going to think that i was mentioning her to the young girl when i didnt… i’m only really close to my manager and my other friend… i dont really talk to anyone else… i dont know.. this just sucks… so the young girl is loud and unreasonable and doesnt understand the message my manager is trying to say to her… but honestly i expected that from her.. so lets see what happens and where this goes…



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