No more family trips or road trips..

We took a road trip to Florida from NYC…

Not to say that I don’t enjoy Florida cause I do… Just that this daily vacation really didn’t feel like a vacation… I had arguments.. Been sweaty…. Was crying…. But it was cause of things all directed at me… My mother insulted me be it unintentional about my weight gain… Then my sister was being bossy.. Grant it me and hubby paid alot more for this trip than my sister did but yet things had to go Her way…

In the room she didn’t want the AC on because I like a cold room.. So I had to sweat it out at night… I get asthma so a hot room agitates my condition…

At the park my sister and I got into. It because she does Instagram live and then when she talks to me she wants to film me as well…. I don’t like that and I’ve told her in the past to not do that…. She did it again and I got upset at her… I told her “when I’m skinny, you don’t film me but when I’m fat u always put the camera on me…” all of this was going on, on live…. So while on live she tells me.. “don’t blame me cause you’re fat!” so I say “I’m not blaming you, just don’t film me! And don’t start with me cause I can start too!!!

Then my mother asks me “why do I destroy my body by getting so fat..?”

No more family vacations… I needed a mental get away as well…

Some fun but more aggravation then anything… Ugh I just feel like crying… Cause I’m going back to work soon just as mentally stressed as I was before the trip…

It’s like I always have to sacrifice…. Even food in the cooler for the drive back… My food didn’t fit… I had made 3 sandwiches of ham and cheese with wheat sliced bread and she passed me the bag nonchalantly and said I have to throw it out… Smh

I paid for the trip just like she did! No more trips with her… I’m so stressed out….

All of this goes on in front of my husband… Now what is he gonna think of me? He’s watching my sister boss me and bully and insult me… Smh she’s even done the same to him…

He didn’t have a chance to eat before we left the hotel… He had to shower and pack… My sis said hes too slow… Smh

She’s just so bossy and judgemental… Just alot of bickering, judging, and worrying about dumb shit…

My brother sat with his family about a table or so away from me, sis, hubby, and my mother.. My sis immediately made it a big deal about him sitting so “far” but he wasn’t far at all.. I could just look behind me and talk to them.. It wasn’t a big deal but she made it…

Another thing…. I’m sitting with mom and we are having breakfast… She said “they didnt give us any napkins oh my God!” I said “it’s OK ma they are right there” and I went to grab them… But you know just… I’m so mentally drained… =(



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