Came for a Visit

So my bestfriend came over for the first time in like… years… anyway… we stopped talking for a while but now we started our friendship over again… anyway.. we are like really back to normal.. but she has this way of making me feel like i’m not enough… or good enough…

i know that she’s crushin on this guy from florida and they talk every day… did i mention she still lives with her childrens father… i mean she said she’s going to end it but still.. he dont know she has this crush… anyway…

she came over and we talked for 20 mins.. then she was right one the phone… for an hour… i just feel like she used me to talk to her crush away from her childrens father…

i dont know if these feelings are valid even though she told me she would talk to the guy… i honestly didnt think that she’d be on the phone with him the whole time… smh

i guess i wasnt enough…

could it be jealousy…



  1. It may not have been her intention to use your time together to talk to her crush, but the fact of the matter is, she had come to visit you and then after a short amount of time ignored you – that is inconsiderate and rude and you have every right to feel upset and frustrated by that. I also get the impression from your words that the way she is handling her relationship with her crush goes against your own moral values and as you care for your best friend its natural that it would make you feel uncomfortable! Remember that her actions are hers and it’s not your guilt to harbour, and saying that you are concerned it is you being jealous makes me think that you feel somewhat accountable for the situation. Nothing she has done or is doing is your fault.

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    • thank you so much for the input.. but honestly it really doesnt bother me that she’s having this crush.. i mean i have had my own battle with infidelity and still struggle with it… my issue is her ignoring me in general… didnt matter what she was doing… but you know she did tell me that she was going to talk on the phone but i really didnt expect it to be 98 percent of our time together…

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