Why did i decide to start smoking weed

so here’s the reason why i decided to start smoking and the answer is pretty simple… i cant drink anymore… i mean.. i think i’ve blogged about it but when i drink… i get a hangover without even having the feeling of being drunk… so i get  a headache and i get nauseous… so it’s like i have a 1 drink maximum… and yeah it sucks so i did enjoy drinking and now i just feel like what am i going to do to escape now..i think it may have something to do with the medicine i’m on… seroquel.. maybe that’s the reaction my body has…anyway…. so i used to smoke back in between the years of 1992 – 1999 and then i stopped… just like that… but now i think i’m starting to enjoy it…

my husband doesnt know about it and he wouldnt be open to it either.. i just know he wont so i’m going to have to keep it to myself… so i decided to smoke on sundays because he gets home late and on the days he goes out to drink… so yeah i pretty much have a plan…

i had such a crazy day at work…. i came home today and popped an oxy and i’m really relaxed and i’ll probably be going to sleep soon… i also took my seroquel so yeah… relaxation is at 100 percent… =)



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