PUFF the Magic Dragon

so when i was in my early to late teens i used to smoke weed and i havent smoked since… now i’m in my late 30s… and i havent smoked at all.. you could say i’m drug free… well up until just a few hours ago..

i had one of my bestfriends come to my house… she’s the friend i just started talking to all these years… anyway she came over and we smoked some weed and the crazy but not so crazy thing about it is .. i really enjoyed it…

then i actually snuck one of my guy friends over to smoke… it was enough for  a joint but he still managed to take it home with him… i didnt smoke much.. but i think i want more.. i’m actually high right now.. just coming down… now how will i be able to hide this from hubby… and i’m wondering if this is worth mentioning to my therapist…

i want more..



  1. Lol. I smoked quite a bit as a teenager and then stopped for about a decade, I have the occasional puff now, but usually for the wrong reasons – it’s definitely as an escape for me rather than just ‘for pleasure’.
    Discuss it with your therapist and ask yourself a few questions,
    Was it a problem for you when you were young? (as in hard to stop, take over your life)
    What would your hubby think about it?
    Is it just filling a void?
    When would you want to smoke? i.e. with others, by yourself etc

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  2. I’ve thought about smoking weed frequently, my ex-wife said that it would be better for me to avoid it as she felt it would have the wrong effect on me. She knew what she was talking about.
    It is worth raising, to have a ‘no surprises in the future’ impact.
    I’m interested to hear more!

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  3. I have my med card and I live in Michigan. My psychiatrist is actually the one who recommended it to me. I don’t get baked off my ass… bit I use it to mellow out and o like it much more than Xanax, as it doesn’t knock me out. As another poster mentioned, many people use it medicinally! Maybe it could be something to help you. Definitely something to mention to your therapist!

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