Homeless Friends

so i have 2 homeless friends… aint that something… like what are the odds of that… i really want to help them out as much as i can but i’m married and i’m not rich… it hurts to see my friends down and out but i was talking to my therapist about it and she told me that there’s not very much i can do … and its really not my responsibility… there are programs in NYC that they can take advantage of…

i agree and i know this but i just wish i can do more… my hubby wouldnt let me bring in anyone and i dont blame him… but honestly if i was living alone i would have let them… i know that it wouldnt be a permanent fix but .. ugh i dont know… torn between emotion and logic…

today i met up with one of them and bought him food when i was on my way home from my therapy appointment… i know it’s not a permanent fix but just something… .but at the same time i dont want to be taken advantage of…

i’m easily emotionally manipulated… i know that about myself.. and he hit me with “youre my only family here in ny.” well i’m not really blood related to him i’ve just known him since 1995..


what do you think?




  1. I agree with your husband. It’s true that you can’t help everyone. If this helps, I had a friend that became homeless and I let him stay with me. 6 months later, he tried to steal my external hard drive and had downloaded porn on it. He’s not my friend anymore.

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  2. It’s a really hard spot to be in, like you, I would have the tendency to take in the whole world, I have had close friends (and their kids) live with us for up to 6months before, but Hubby stops me now – which is probably a good thing. I have been taken advantage of several times thanks to my inability to say no, e.g., because I live on a farm I offered to store some stuff for a friend (including 14 car wrecks, 2 caravans and an assortment of trailers), she had to move into town suddenly and said it would be a max of 6 months and four years later her stuff is all still here making my place look like a junk yard even though she has been back on a property for 12months now, thankfully she did just take her 4 horses back as I was having to shell out for food for them when she didn’t bother to bring any. I know she was going through a hard time but it will cost me money to get rid of this stuff if she never collects it.
    So anyway, I think if you limit it to helping out with a bit of food and friendship here and there, it will still be helpful for them and safer for you. xoxo

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