It’s been a while

i was just thinking that i havent written in here for a while… i remember i used to write in here all the time so i decided to write in here since my hubby is out having drinks and he didnt tell me about it .. so rather then get upset.. i’m going to use this time to catch up on my blogging… so …part of the reason i havent written in here is because i seem to have developed another hobby… reading and reviewing books on youtube… so i started this youtube channel and so far i have about 85 subscribers… so i think it’s growing well…so reading has been taking up alot of my time as well as shooting videos.. but i guess thats’ just another thing i have to add to the collection of hobbies…

i still have been seeing my therapist and she’s grown on me very much.. i love her and i see her as my ultimate confidant… big change from the doubts that i had when i first started seeing her…

but yeah i’ll try to post alot more often than i did… its therapeutic for me to do it..



  1. All the best with your YouTube project!

    I’ve slowed down on blogging, too. At first I started to feel like that signaled that something was wrong, but then I realized I was doing other things. Things I hadn’t done for a while. Then, I decided that was a good sign.

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