Just another Hobby

I swear, i mean i dont know if anyone else goes through this and i dont even know if it’s a bad thing or what but i get hobbies sooo often… for instance… here are a list of things that i have dabbled in for as long as i cant remember…

Magic, learning french, Learning guitar, acting, nail designs, makeup, doing comedy skits, weight loss, photography, learning michael jackson dances, network marketing, social clubs, working out,

it’s like my identity changes and i’m all in with what ever hobby i have at the time.. for instance, now it’s doing youtube videos about books… reading, reviewing.. i mean whatever… i’ve done about 18 videos on my new youtube channel with about 60 subscribers… but yeah i’m wondering how long this interest is going to have…

i get teased by my sister and my hubby for having so many interests… i guess this is just one more for them to add to the list… ugh… i hate going through these phases..i mean they become a passion almost a borderline obsession…

who the hell am i?



  1. Hey! I just want to say this post hits close to home lol… I do something similar, I will get into a new hobby and become completely obsessed with it, I will spend all my time and money in to whatever the new passion is… but like flipping a switch I lose all interest in the hobby… and I know it sucks because sometimes I wonder why even put in effort towards the new hobby when in a week or 2 I won’t even care about it… anyways, just wanted to say great post and you’re not alone.

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  2. Definetly hear you on this one, not so much personally because I busy myself in self improvement and that changes often as opposed to hobbies but I do get that feeling of being different when I hear friends or others talk about how ‘they’ve always loved painting…or they’ve been running since their uni days…’ I guess what the difference here between what you’re saying and some other people is that they tend to find 1 or 2 areas of interest (maybe 3/4 if they’re really into hobbies) and they have stuck with that over time, years, decades kinda thing whereas for some of us, maybe even yourself 1 thing lasts a couple of weeks then it’s onto the next. I don’t know how much of ‘BPD’ thing this is because I’m following another blogger who has BPD who says the same thing, that he has always been switching hobbies, getting really into it and then changing. Maybe it’s an identity thing? Really would like to know more about this topic though as there doesn’t seem to be too much out there about it! Thanks for sharing

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  3. I call it hobby collecting and I do it too with crafts mostly, but I feel like with every shift of my personality I need to attach myself to a new hobby. I’ve made candles, wrapped jewelry, knit, crochet, sewing, hand embroidery, cooking (most recent), reading, youtube, and that’s all just in the last year or two. I also go back to things from time to time but usually it’s months or years later. I started to knit a scarf in 2016 and didn’t finish it until winter 2017. Then I started to knit another scarf and I feel like I won’t get finished until next winter.

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