So pissed off

so hubby went out for drinks tonight and i’m home alone with my brother.. i really hate when he goes out for drinks… he starts arguments and becomes a bully… and i wont see him either.. he would say “oh just one more” and it never is the last one… ugh sucks… today is the first sunday that i’m actually home early from work…and i want to spend time with him… i’m lonely when i’m alone… sucks… i look forward to being with him… when i get home from work… i bust my ass all day and sometimes all i want is to be with him at the end of a hard day but yet he’d rather drink with his buddies… smh i’m so pissed…

i remember my old therapist asked me once did hubby and i have plans and the answer is usually no… we dont make plans to be at home… we just normally always are home and when he doesnt do that it gets me so upset….i need to find something to do too… i need to find a way to make him feel like i’m always out too… smh…

i’m on meds .. my meds usually dont make me feel so angry. but ugh… i am



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