New Friend

This week i hung out with someone i met online… it was a girl i met on a bipolar group… we have been talking online since the summer i believe… she’s pretty cool but to me she seemed a bit unstable which is why i held off hangin out with her for so long… i kinda felt guilty because i do have her on my social media and she’s seen me hang out with other friends meanwhile she’s been asking to meet me.. i would alway say something like wait till i get paid… or i would say next week or i would make up something…

I wasnt sure if i wanted another friend in my life… funny how that’s such a big change from the way i used to feel… i used to feel so alone and my social life has blown up over the last few months… lol feels good now i can pick and choose who i want in my life rather than just have no one… anyway… that’s beside the point… so i actually hung out with her…

she has a job now and she’s more stable… it’s always been my hypothesis that having a job was the best thing i could do to keep my bipolar in check… and it’s been the same for her.. she’s been more stable and her and her husband havent been arguing anymore… i think it has something to do with her working a job now… but anyway…

we had margaritas and we went to a movie.. she’s def someone with a great heart and i would def hang with her again… she is a bit trippy so i would have to hang with her a few more times before i introduce her to other friends and really bring her into that circle…

we did have a great time… she was snapchatting everything and taking pictures with me.. she made me feel so special..i hope i made her feel the same…


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