Fighting with hubby

so one thing i hate is when hubby goes out to drink cause he will say i’m entertaining other men and i’m cheating and i’m going to cheat and shit like that… so he was supposed to be home today but one of his buddies from work said they would take him out for drinks since his birthday is on friday and he wont see his buddy until sunday…

so he was looking through some comments i got on instagram and a couple of men that are following me wrote that i’m beautiful so hubby wanted me to block him… so after some words i did… i dont mind… i dont know them… anyway he said that i entertain them and talk to them… ugh soooo annoying…

so he’s’ drunk now and i did a reverse argument.. i mean i’m not really mad but i figured he wants to argue so i’ll say something too.. i told him that the reason he dont come home from the bar at the time he said he will is cause he’s with girls…he was laughing.. i mean i know he dont be with girls but he’s assuming shit so i figured i’d assume shit… so i said they are the ones that buy him drinks… they are the ones that tell him not to leave.. and he’s there making them laugh…. i know he’s not but i had to say something..i know for one thing that i’m not talking to him when he gets home…

so fucking insecure and childish… here’s the conversation… i’m in the dark blue..

2017-12-19 (1)

2017-12-19 (2)

2017-12-19 (3)

2017-12-19 (4)2017-12-19 (5)2017-12-19 (6)2017-12-19 (7)2017-12-19 (8)2017-12-19 (9)2017-12-19 (10)2017-12-19 (11)


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