In Connecticut… Party time!

so i wake up this morning in connecticut… i mean it was part of the plan all along… so i guess i’m right where i belong… I stood over the bestfriend’s house and we had such a blast.. i gotta say i do feel funny this morning but i always feel funny when i dont take my meds.. but last night i was drinking and i dont think it would have been a good idea… i usually take them at 7 and i’m alseep by 10 but i knew he would want to stay up…drink and talk… so we stood up until … well i should say i stood up until about 1am and let me tell you…i forgot what 1am looked like… i havent been up at that time in a long time…

but we are having a blast… i’m in the house alone they (bff and his boo) went to go and get hair cuts and breakfast so i’m just waiting for them to come back…keeping myself entertained by reading a book… omg i love the book i’m reading… i made a goal to read like 100 books for 2018 but realizing now it was a bit of a lofty goal.. dont know if i’ll hit it but i’ll try but the journey of reading is going to take me to alot of places where i can be someone different… =)

my other bestfriend wasnt invited to this party that we are having tonight.. for no particular reason other than she’s kind of a flake so i guess he decided not to invite her… i’m gonna have to take my meds tonight…im feeling a little loopy… i have no idea if this is what normal for me feels like or it’s just the fact that i didnt take my meds… oh well…

tonight is going to be awesome… going to meet new people and dance, eat, and have a blast…



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