Therapy appointment …

I gotta say i love my therapist…shes so smart,funny and amazing…. took some time to get used to her and i gotta say it was worth it.. i actually look forward to my appointments… not getting attached or anything like that… just saying

Today my appt was for 10am which its normally morning appointments.. and i dont mind… im a morning person anyway… we talked about alot.. about how i felt for not being in the picture the day the health dept came… she completely validated my feelings cause i really dont want to be selfish…. thats one thing…

She noticed that i was tired or looked tired… see.. shes very perceptive lol.. i didnt sleep good last night.. im trying to get over this cold… i was up coughing all night so that kinda sucked…

I told her about how funny some of my coworkers can be and it makes the day better cause i pretty much laugh at everything… im a loud laugher i must say… lol kind of a hearty laugher lol.. im stupid

She was asking me if ive been taking my meds.. which i have been… im proud of myself for readers know about my love/hate relationship with meds….

I told her i started a youtube channel to review books…. its up but im not really at the level where i want my friends to see it… i dont believe i give value on it at this time… but ill give it out as soon as i feel its ready…

I also wrote about one of my managers talking crap about me in Spanish to my gm…. saying that I have to work faster… it was because I didn’t pan out the cornbread completely… and that’s only because o wasn’t going to do it at all.. we had enough cornbread… but anyway she starts complaining to my boss about me in spanish.. I know Spanish and can understand it because I’m also Spanish but when it’s being spoken quickly, I can’t understand what’s being said.. so my friend from the job told me what they were saying.. I hate when people talk about me.. Smh 

Told her about my brunch with my bestfriend… (female) and how well it went… i gave her the journal for christmas…. she seemed to really like it… 

I’m also going to Connecticut this weekend… super excited about it.. going for a party.. my bestfriend (male) is throwing a Christmas party… I can’t wait… I’m leaving to Connecticut tomorrow… first time really leaving new York in a while….

I’ll see my therapist again in a few weeks… she will be out of the office for a few weeks… I thought I’d have the feelings of anxiety cause I’m so used to her…. but I didnt.. and I’m super happy I didn’t have any negative reaction to it..



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