Health Dept Inspection at work

so i work in a restaurant and we have been expecting the health dept of New York to come and inspect our store for sanitary conditions… i know we work hard to keep the store clean in all aspects but with them you just never know..

so after maybe 20 mins of the inspector walking around the store with his flashlight and thermometer he then tells me .. “are you ready to go home?” implying that we are shutting the store down… honestly i didnt take him seriously because our store is really clean…anyway he was kidding but damn lol… anyway we end up getting an A and i have to say i was super happy about it… i was hugging coworkers… well just managers because those were the only other employees there at the time… i was the only regular worker and i’m a cook…

here then lies my drama with that though…. i’ve seen other company pictures posing with their A certificate and it’s the staff that was there at the time… but my manager just wanted pictures with the other managers and wanted ME to take the picture… but in my mind i want to be in the picture… i want it to show that i was there anyway i take the picture thinking that maybe she will take another one with me in it… NOPE… and she sent the one i took to the area manager to which he responded “great work trio!” smh…

did i mention that one of the managers had arrived after the inspection was already done and really had no business in the picture… she kinda took my spot in the picture..i dont know if i’m being selfish for wanting to be in the photo… if im just making it a big deal… but i wanted to be in the photo.. on top of the fact that it was MY kitchen he inspected…. smh… ugh…

i hope i’m not sounding selfish…



  1. I don’t think some acknowledgement for your hard work is being selfish! I think they were rude, ‘well done team?’ what aren’t you part of the team?? Sounds a little hierarchical to me and even if they did want one with them, they could have taken another one with you in it. I can totally see why you’re feeling annoyed.

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