Stop Clocking my MONEY!!!

one thing i hate about my sister is that she can really get under my skin whereas i’m at work having an ok day and i think of something she did and immediately i’m pissed off.. so i went out for some drinks last night with my girlfriend and i posted a picture on facebook and instagram of us out… anyway my sister immediately sends me a private message saying “you have a lot of money… when you buying a package?” this package if being a part of her network marketing business…i already told her the day my grandmother died … we went to ihop and i told her stop clocking my money… i never do that to you… and then she goes again and does it… i’m damn near 40 years old and if i have my bills paid and my rent paid i can do whatever i want with the hard earn money that I EARNED… smh

i’m so pissed because she was about a year without light because she couldnt pay her light bill and i never butted into her financial business… i never told her how to spend her money or where her money should go… ughhhh i really dont know what to do if i already told her… i got to a point where i just want to cancel my social media just so that she dont see what the heck i’m doing and say some dumb shit like that…

i’m so frustrated…



  1. Yeah! She is dissin’ your personal space. I have siblings who do the same thing to me. It’s a control issue: she’s attempting to control you thru this. Shame you. Guilt you out. Step away from it and do not let her manipulate you! I know from experience how difficult this is. You feel like you’re always the one who holds their tongue, and you’re always the one who pays the price. And that’s the point: you can’t win. Not. ever. The best you can do is remove yourself. And a warning about that: you’ll get a lot of flack over not replying or responding. Even if you block your sibling, the shit’s gonna fly. You need to accept that reality before you do anything.

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