She Blocked me … i cant win!

so i wake up this morning to find that my aunt blocked me on fb… i have no idea why.. it has to be some sort of a misunderstanding so now that i’m blocked i cant even ask her… i tried calling her on my break from work and she didnt answer me… she must think that i’m the one who sent pictures to the other side of the family…but i didnt…hubby found out that her page is public and pretty much anyone can go into her page and take whatever pictures they want… . ughhhhhhh

i want to know what i did… i’m so stressed was thinking crazy things today… i really want to clear my name with her…my cousin said its not a big deal and i shouldnt stress it.. but i cant help it…if my name is implicated in something so negative that she would block me then i want to be able to clear my name… but i cant.. ugh.. i dont like to be looked at as the bad guy when i didnt do anything to intentionally get her upset.. i just dont know what to do…  smh.. i want to go get smashed… but i cant because my sister again ruined my plans by popping in… ugh…

i just cant fucking win!



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