grandma died

today i went to a funeral and burial all in the same day… i didnt take my seroquel last night so i was feeling all over the place.. i was up, down, and all over the place… my family is divided … but i was invited to the burial.. there was a whole big backlash because half of the family wasnt invited.. now some of the cousins are threatening the aunts life literally saying that they’re dead… and i can understand completely how they feel and how they werent invited to see their grandmother… or their mother because some of my aunts werent invited either…. it’s just this whole big mess now.. and i know i’m not directly involved in it but it all bothers me… i dont know if it’s the drama or the death that’s really getting to me… i’m laughing one minute.. i’m down the next.. i dont know .. but i did take my seroquel so maybe tomorrow i’ll be more balanced…



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