My Last Therapist visit

i have to say… i saw my therapist last thursday and i was in a total daze… i’m not even sure that i remember what was discussed very much.. i was just so out of it because i was so tired… I had taken my seroquel later than i normally take it… i took it around 1am on thursday morning and i woke up at 9am that day… i didnt get enough sleep so i was still in sleep mode when i woke up…

i told my therapist thats why i was out of if.. but i normally have a notebook of things to discuss..i hate the idea of sitting there and not having anything to discuss…

i went to the doctor yesterday for my physical and for my flu shot and i completely forgot to tell him that i think i’m going to die of a heart attack or that i feel like im having heart issues… only because i’m feeling a little pressure on my chest sometimes… i dont know if it could be that i just quit smoking… maybe my heart is acting up behind that.. shit i have no idea….

anyway… i honestly feel like i missed out on the whole session… sucks…


      1. Ok 1 quick story. I took an ambien on an empty stomach when I first started, got up in the middle of the night and raided the refrigerator without knowing it. My only clue at the seen of the crime was that I left a fork in the refrigerator and all my leftover pasta was gone. Plus I woke up with a terrible stomach ache. I have a ton of ambien stories but I need to save those for the paying fans and the book.

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