CBT for Bipolar Disorder

i went to therapy this week and my therapist printed out some CBT worksheets for me to look at and work on if i want.. i thought that was really nice of her and gave me a topic for a blog..

what exactly is CBT? well i have a book on bipolar 2 and it says that CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy… it was developed by Dr. Aaron Beck back in the 70’s. CBT is a therapy that “focuses on how to change unrealistic, unhelpful thoughts into more realistic, helpful, and accurate ones.” i can understand it because sometimes when we are in depressive and manic states our thoughts can become out of whack… meaning we may think things that are not true, or not good for us in the long run..i know i have experiences with that…

As we know, changing our behaviors takes time and practice and significant work on our part. I’m really excited to blog about these worksheets and how i feel like they are helping me.. i mean my therapist didnt really tell me to do them but i have them available as a resource to help.. i really dont want to write on these sheets..i think i want to make copies of them first…

here’s a listing of the sheets that i have…

  • Challenging negative thoughts
  • Challenging anxious thoughts
  • Daily mood chart
  • Weekly mood chart
  • Thought record
  • How i feel
  • The Cognitive Model
  • Thought Log
  • Socratic Questions
  • Putting Thoughts on Trial
  • Weekly Schedule for behavioral Activation
  • Positive Activities for Behavioral Activation
  • Automatic Thoughts
  • ABC Model
  • Exposure Hierarchy
  • Introduction to anxiety
  • Cognitive Distortions – Here’s a blog i did on this…  – https://bronxbipolarchick.com/2017/10/21/cognitive-distortions-in-bipolar-disorder/
  • The Cognitive Model
  • Behavioral Activation
  • The Cycle of anger
  • Anger Diary
  • Thought Log
  • Countering Negative thoughts
  • Countering Anxiety

I know there’s a lot here but yeah she really hooked me up… I’ll let you guys know once i start working on any of them… =)




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