Sleep.. I miss you

So it’s been about 2 days without my seroquel and already feeling th effects… it’s about 3am here in nyc right now and I slept about 2 hours…. 

Just stupid thoughts running through my head… for example how heavy my laptop is… smh these are the type of thoughts that are keeping me up…. I tried to read… my eyes get sleepy but my mind is wide awake… this really sucks… Lol 



  1. Oddly enough, I find that articles on Facebook or other news/info apps work perfectly to occupy my dancing brain. The constant barrage of different subjects keeps my mind occupied and even allows it to be scattered and still retain effectively. Sometimes, it helps to surrender to the fact that you will not sleep. If you know you more than likely aren’t going to sleep, fighting to all night is exhausting and wasteful. However, be sure to at least close your eyes for a couple of hours. I have read that even doing that is better than. Being up and about.

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