Feeling sorry but unforgiven

so i was leaving messages to my cousin on snapchat telling him that i am sorry for offending him… but he didnt even look at it… i unblocked him and sent him messages on fb and he wouldnt answer…until i got to a point where i was like ok… i wont message you again… i love you…

i know a person doesnt have to forgive someone… i was apologizing for offending him..i didnt think i would because i was just telling him about himself and what he was doing was creepy… adding my friends even when my friends are blocked… adding them so that means he had to look at my likes and comments to find girls… now you tell me… isnt that creepy… ? at least i think it is…but… i dont think i should have told him that…

i just felt so bad…

but he actually wrote me … i told him omg.. i thought you hated me.. he said hate is a strong word… (what is that supposed to mean?) so i said “dislike?” but anyway he said he still loved me… i really thought he didnt.. and i was so sad about it.. yeah he was being creepy but i dont want him to hate me for telling him that though..



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