All Out of Meds, and No More Nicotine

I just realized that i’m out of my seroquel… well i mean i knew that Monday would be my last day of meds but i have no money to buy them… i have to wait until Friday to pick up another prescription… on top of that i quit smoking… today is day 7 that i am smoke free… I hope that tomorrow i wont be having any withdrawal symptoms of the cigarettes or the seroquel… ugh…

i really still love smoking ciggs although i know it’s a disgusting habit also a smelly one but i love the way i feel doing it… i just dont want to have any lung issues… i had already started getting these weird feelings in my chest so i took that as a sign to stop… so far so good.. day 7… i’m going to get some patches so that i can continue on the path of a non smoker…

ugh i need my meds though…

so irresponsible of me…



  1. I smoked cigs for 8 years and I’ve been quit for 6. It gets easier. You are making amazing choice. Good for you. Your lungs and body will be thankful. Can you get your meds in 3 months supplies? It’s cheaper depending on if you have insurance but quetiapine is made generic and companies like Express scripts do a good job at it. Plus use an app on your smartphone. Round is a good app for iOS and mango health is good for Android. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the freedom of nicotine.

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