Creepy Cousin

so the other day a friend of mine showed me a picture and asked me who this person was? when i look… it just so happened to be one of my male cousins… he’s been adding my girlfriends from facebook for a long time and they just recently started asking me one at a time who he is… so i blocked him.. just like that… without letting him know why…

later on in the day i wrote to him on snapchat and i told him that he was being creepy… he said that we take facebook “too seriously” and that maybe i should block him on snapchat too because we are not in each others lives… i told him nooo that i still love him even though and that we are all just busy with our own lives that’s why we dont see each other… but i gotta say that kinda hurt me… it is true… he is not in my life at all but still… we are family.. i think i should have handled it differently… now he feels negative toward me…

ugh… why didnt i think before i sent him that message? ugh…



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