My entire motivation at work

i know this may sound stupid… i rationalize it in my head and it’s still stupid but… my entire motivation for doing a good or complete job at work is so that people wont talk shit… lol i know it’s foolish… but let me tell ya…

this morning i came in to work and none of the work that was supposed to be prepped at night was done… i was so mad that i went on a rant to my manager that when i’m the one working all of these things have to be done but if it’s not me it doesnt get done… and it makes me have more work to do than normal…

at my job i’m always busy.. most of the time they dont want to give me a lunch break because it’s always so busy… i have to ask and sometimes they say no… or to wait for someone else to arrive to cover my station… it sucks… ugh…



  1. what the french? that is insane, and they call us the crazy ones. i remember stuff always not being done from the previous shift when i worked and i’d be super pissed, as your rant sounds. and as for the no lunch break, french that. you are owed that time, even if it’s just 30min away from the madness.

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  2. I spent more than my usual amount of time defending my actions (support of clients, rational thinking vs the stupidity of policy, working upstream against our complicated support platforms that take longer than we have, to do all the work they want done, trying not to fight with fellow employees when they decided to insult and attack me for trying to work hard and make people happy by doing my best). I hope I still have a job Monday. But at the same time, I’d like to find a better-paying job where there aren’t so many antagonistic …. what’s this trend??? …”frenchers?” lol

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  3. Oh I TOTALLY get that! I’m not working at the moment but when I had a ‘real’ job I constantly felt judged and was second guessing everything based on the reaction I expected to get which I probably based purely on over thinking and catastrophising anyway… *sigh*

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  4. Um…yeah I can relate…worked in the IT field for a long time and at this particular job the night crew was responsible for completing certain tasks nightly so the networks ran without a hitch throughout the day. Low and behold, everyday something wasn’t completed. Drove me crazy! We always had to play catch up all day. Needless to say I didn’t hang around too long. Way too much stress for me. See how they do after you walk out the door…best of luck to you…TC

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