Electro Magnetic Pulse Threat (false)

So my sister told me about this emp threat that’s going around and she’s paranoid and been picking up canned goods and water and things like that in case something bad happens… this is supposedly supposed to happen tomorrow and i really dont believe any of that kind of stuff.. however she’s been scaring my mother with this kind of bs… my husband and i have been trying to convince her of it being false but she still not believing us…

apparently during this threat we are supposed to have some sort of a blackout nationwide for a few months… eh…

I dont know where it’s coming from but lately she’s been into conspiracy theory kind of things and i cant front i do enjoy a good conspiracy theory from time to time but when you start convincing other people of things being true without your own evidence then to me it becomes an issue… it’s easy for people to get sucked into things like that…

i dont know how to convince her other than by letting time pass and her seeing that it was fake… just not comfortable with  her scaring my mother… she’s an old lady…



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