Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of my rape

and you know what… i was irritable, just wanted to go home from work and go to sleep… i didnt feel social at all… i never really blog about what happened that day… it’s not that i’m traumatized or anything because i was drugged and i was passed out for most of the time.. i can talk about it without crying and i can get into detail about everything without very much emotion…

i went to my therapist today and i didnt really go into detail about everything but yeah … just feeling a little down… not depressed or anything just felt like doing nothing…. just sleeping…

i can freely talk about the aftermath..i called my bestfriends at the time and they instructed me to go right to the hospital… so i did.. i had a rape kit done on me… i went to the police… they pretty much blamed me for the incident… i got some injections and also a prescription for some anti hiv medication… i had to take at the exact same time for a while…i think like a month… and every month i had to go and take an HIV test which was always scary…

it’s hard to discuss with my husband… i remember when i was in the hospital and i called him to tell him he started crying… ugh it was terrible…

i really just dont know how i feel honestly… just tired…



  1. There really are no words, no way to comfort you from this keyboard 😥

    I think that you are incredibly strong to share this with us, and it’s perfect normal to feel numb after such a traumatic invasion of your body and soul.

    Sending love and hugs

    TDF x

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  2. I’m sorry you went through such a trans. I say that with time all wounds heal, mines was 9 years ago, and it brought me the best gift in life, my daughter Penelope. She is no longer of this earth, but the few months I had with her were magical. You’re so brave that you can talk about it and not get super emotional, I just have that ‘what if’ moment… Stay strong hun

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