Flirting at work

so a few months back i blogged about a guy at my job who used to sexually harass me.. but honestly he stopped for a little while… but started again but the weird thing about it is i dont find it to be harassing anymore..i actually like it and i feel like i want to kiss him… the things he tells me makes me blush and i actually say things back to him as well… it’s so weird because he’s not my type yet i find him attractive now… i dont know if he’s playing with me or what but i’m starting to like him a little more…

he said he works tomorrow so i’ll be seeing him.. he says things like he will rub my entire body… things like that… and i havent felt sexy the way he makes me feel in a while… so i dont know… i like it but i know its not right…



  1. I’d be careful, too. Ask yourself what you really want from him. If it’s just some kind of loveless sexual gratification, then fine. If more, then he’s approaching you in a disrespectful way.

    At my last job I majorly flirted with this married man. I was married (and still am), too. But my flirtation was mostly just complimenting him to an extreme, and actively seeking him out for chatting. Everyone knew of our flirtation. We didn’t hide it, because there wasn’t anything too taboo to hide. I’ll admit that he helped me way before he’d help other people. That was one of the perks, I guess. I did fantasize about him, but it never went beyond that.

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  2. are you a little hypo-manic? I get like that. Super confident and flirtatious. I kinda miss those times now that I’m mood stabilizers it doesn’t happen much anymore.

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  3. It sounds like he’s manipulated you unintentionally by breaking down your defences and flirting so much you accept the harassment as normal behaviour. But it’s quite sleazy and lacking respect to say that outside of a romantic context.

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