i saw another ghost

you know i dont know if i’ve every blogged about this but i can see dead people… i dont know if it’s just me or a bipolar thing… i usually see this ghost at my job.. he’s showed up a few times… and usually just lurks around but i dont know if this is the same ghost that i usually see.. this one was dressed up in a white shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers… the ghost i usually see is usually all black..i think this is another one…

the very first time i seen a ghost i was about 7 years old and a shadow person (white shadow) walked into the closet of my old apartment… after that i can hear them sometimes and they move things around me… yeah it’s nuts… so yeah

how many of you can relate to something similar



  1. I’m an empath. I feel but don’t see.
    Right now, I’m down visiting a friend and I can feel his grandfather who passed last year hanging out in the master bedroom.

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  2. I get it sometimes, but it’s not a direct visual like seeing ‘a guy standing over there’ its more of a feeling for me. I don’t know if feeling is the right word… I get like a vision of a person and then like a sentence in my head of what they want to say and then it usually vanishes – tends to come out of nowhere too. One time I sort of have proof for was when I was watching tv and I suddenly got this intense vision of an older man, the image was his legs and a pair of army boots and he said “tell her I’m ok”. I told a friend the next day then a few minutes later our mutual friend walked up in tear because her step father (whom I had never met) had died the previous night. The friend I had told kinda gave me a weird look but we didn’t say anything and then a week later our mutual friend was telling us about her step dads funeral and how they had buried him in his army boots because he loved them so much! Freaked us right out…

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