Hyperpositivity and Bipolar disorder

One thing i can say is i love being hypomanic but it does run a muck with our brain… it does damage to our brain because there is so much activity going on. Hypomania can have a major effect on the way that we see the world and our environment… we know when depressed our life looks and feels like crap but during hypomania its the complete opposite.. we can have something called hyperpositivity… where whatever we do… we see the bright side of it and nothing can or will go wrong. That kind of thinking can get us into some major trouble at times. We develop an overly optimistic view of ourself , our world, and our future…. opportunities seem endless…

we can have thoughts like…

  1. Everything is going to work out perfectly
  2. Everyone is attracted to me
  3. I should always live for the moment
  4. I want it now
  5. I am smarter than everyone else
  6. My idea is guaranteed to lead to success
  7. Everyone else is moving so slowly and taking so long
  8. Other people dont know how to have fun
  9. I have so many important things to say
  10. I dont need ot sleep. I have too many things to do.
  11. I am hilarious
  12. My medications are not important.

There are some things that we can do to help NOT make the wrong decisions during that time although we just want to do what we WANT to do… lol i know the feeling… trust me.

here is a list of things we can do during the hypomanic or manic phase to help us with decisions that we want to make during that time.

  1. The two-person feedback rule – encourages you to check with two trusted friends or family members before making any major life decisions.
  2. The forty-eight hours before acting rule – this strategy encourages us to wait at least two full days and get two full nights of sleep before acting on our big plans.
  3. Limit your access to funds – If impulsive spending has been a problem for you int he past, or even if it has not cause serious problems, you may wish to consider giving your credit cards to a trusted person when you feel hypomanic.
  4. Avoid Confrontation – If you are feeling hypomanic avoid interacting with people who trigger you or typically cause you to feel irritated.
  5. Think before speaking or E-mailing – When you are hypomanic, your thoughts and speech might be accelerated and, as a result, you may be more likely to blurt our something impulsively. If your mood feels high try waiting at least 5 seconds before speaking to allow yourself time to carefully think through what you would like to say.
  6. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs – It’s always wise to minimize your use of alcohol and avoid the use of recreational drugs. This is especially trust when you’re hypomanic. When you are hypomanic, alcohol and recreational drugs can increase your chances of engaging in risky, impulsive, or dangerous behavior.

I really hope this blog was informative for those of you who suffer from bipolar whether treated or untreated we may still have symptoms of depression or hypomania it’s all about how we handle it when these mood come about…



  1. If there was a LOVE button I would have pushed it. I was just discussing with my therapist how much I enjoy my mania. She in turn informed me of how dangerous it could be. Your post touched base on what we discussed even more so as I experience all 6 levels of mania you talked about. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. In my early 20s before I was diagnosed and gone through therapy….during those self-medicating, self-destructing years, boy would these tips had made a difference in my life. When I look back and see how far I have come in getting ahold on my mental illness I am so proud of myself. I live in a constant state of fear of letting myself slip back into that life. I know the consequences all too well. Thank you for sharing this. You might just save someone’s life.

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