why must we revisit the past… smh

so i’ve blogged about my cheating .. i was a serial cheater… before treatment… and my hubby knows it… i was talking to a friend of mine… he’s a fellow photographer and my hubby asked me if i had slept with him… ugh… just repeating this gets me upset… i mean i’m not cheating now why should he care who i’ve done it with or not…

he goes on to say “well even if you did i know you wouldnt tell me.” i said “yes i would” knowing damn well i wont.. i mean that was the past i dont want to revisit that part of my life… ugh… so frustrating… so he said “if i ask if you slept would someone would you tell me.” i said “yes i would.” i know he dont believe me and he shouldnt because i’m not going to say…

i’m not going to do it again so i dont think he needs to know… smh… i know i might sound stupid but it’s how i’m feeling…



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