I thought she was going to KILL me!

I’m still on my medicine and i take it every day… so i wasnt expecting paranoia to kick in at all and its started and this is the first time that i was paranoid in thinking that someone was going to kill me or plot to kill me…

here’s the story…

I was at work today and i get a few missed calls from my neighbor… she’s a little old lady that i walk my dog with sometimes because she has a dog too… anyway she called me and i called her back and she was crying… i’ve never heard or seen her cry before i kept asking her “what’s wrong?” and she wouldnt tell me… she just kept on saying that she needed to talk to me…i just found it so odd… i asked her to tell me because i was at work and she couldnt mouth the words… so i told her that i would go to her house after work…

so anyway all day i’m wondering what could it be…? did her dog die…? did her cat die? did her brother die? was she dying? i know sometimes i have very morbid thoughts.. i was thinking what if i go to her house and her brother is dead on the floor and she wants me to help her with the body…. or

what if i go over there and she has a gun and she wants to kill me for whatever reason… kind of the way Selena died but then again i’m no millionaire… there’s no real logical reason why she would want to kill me but i began to gain anxiety about it.. i told my bestfriends and my co worker that if they dont hear from me i was visiting a neighbor on the 6th floor… yeah it’s that bad….

so you may ask why did i go if i thought she would kill me… well.. i also was giving the benefit of the doubt…and this time it paid off…

long story short… she wanted me to walk her dog because she had surgery on her knee and she got into a huge fight with her brother …



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