Cognitive Distortions in Bipolar Disorder

Ok so i just read in my bipolar 2 workbook that there are a few cognitive distortions that bipolar sufferers have and i was looking through this list and i do recall myself having a few of them but at the same time i think maybe everyone thinks like this in some form or another.. but maybe in bipolar they are more regular… anyways i’m making the list…

the ones that i list first are the ones that i have and then ill post the rest..

  1. Mind Reading : Thinking that I “know” what someone else is thinking
  2. Catastrophizing: Imagining the worst-case scenario
  3. All-or-Nothing thinking : (also known as Black-and-white Thinking) seeing things either back or white, with on gray or middle ground; things are either wonderful or awful with nothing in between; terms such as “always” or “never” are typical
  4. Mental Filter: Focusing ont he negative details of an even or situation, without seein the full picture.
  5. Jumping to conclusions: Reaching conclusions (usually negative) using only small amounts of evidence.
  6. Overgeneralizing: Taking isolated incidents and making broad generalizations; seeing a single negative situation as a pattern of failure
  7. Labeling: Using negative self-talk, such as I’m a loser or I am an idiot.
  8. Emotional Reasoning: Using emotions as truths; for example “I feel like a loser; therefore, I must be a loser”

Now the next few are ones that i cannot recall having but others may…

9. Fortune Telling: Thinking that I “know” how a situation is going to turn out without having any evidence

10. Personalizing: Blaming myself as the sole cause of an even or situation

11. Magnifying or Minimizing: Making a big deal of the negatives and understating the positives

12. Discounting the Positives: Similar to minimizing; receiving a compliment or praise and discounting it

13. Should-statements: Using rigid rules or statements, such as “i should be able to do this,” rather than focusing on the actual situation.

Which ones can you relate to?



  1. Am I the only one who reads these as repetitive statements? Isn’t jumping to conclusions the same as fortune telling? I don’t mean to belittle the info; I’m sure it’s sound. It just appears (to me) to be hammering away at a few core issues. I can readily say yes, yes, and yes – to almost every single one. But, like you, I’m fairly certain most people go thru many or all of these at some point.

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  2. I can relate to most of these. I self-sabotage more than I care to admit. Naturally believing the outcome of something I’m about to do or want to do as being only negative is still a problem I struggle with.

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  3. While these appear to be similar I see enough of a difference in them to recognize them as different kind. In general I struggle with over-labeling while at the sane time abhor simplifying. Most of these apply to majority of population though episodes can be more severe with individuals who live with bipolar disorder… Anyways, thank you for sharing this. 🙏❤️🙏

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