Might be getting depressed

i’m wearing glasses now and they are not prescribed… i just thought they looked nice… i wear them and i realized i wear them to hide my face… wasnt feeling very attractive… and having these kind of negative thoughts start with my self esteem issues… i’m hoping that it would pass because i can notice my mind starting to race and the weird thing about it is i’m taking my meds every day… i took this picture yesterday the day i went to therapy but i didnt start feeling like this until today…. i dont know … i just hope i dont go into a full blown depressive state… i dont see my therapist until november 2nd… i wish i could see her at least once a week but i understand she probably sees alot of people…




  1. I just wanted to say that I read your writing to hear you. I really can’t say anything to help you with your selfesteem or depression I guess. I just hope you get the help you need and caring people around you.

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  2. I know how you feel. I don’t HAVE to wear my glasses all the time but I choose to because then I won’t forget to wear them when at the computer or reading. That’s all well and good but them it dawned on me that I may be also wearing them as a kind of shield. I totally get it. For what it’s worth and with all due respect, you look amazing in glasses. I admit, I feel the way you feel when wearing them.

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    • glad to know i’m not alone and a shield is kind of how i feel… ur absolutely on point with that one… and u know what’s funny. i had lasik surgery just so i wouldnt have to wear them.. but then again at least i have the option now whereas before i had no choice…


  3. You look adorable in the glasses, but I see the sadness in your eyes. Hang in there girlie. I think the feeling of knowing that you are sinking is worse than the sinking itself at times. So sorry you are on the down spiral. Much love to you my fellow warrior 😘

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