Omg I saw him!!!!!

Omg on my way into my therapist office today I saw my old therapist… Grant it, it was only a second but that was enough to bring all of these feelings back… ugh

I was so weirded out that in the beginning of my session I couldn’t get my thoughts together… she didn’t notice though…

At the end of my session I asked “is _____ here today?” She said he may be because they are doing construction at his office… I said “he is here, I saw him in the back… I could spot him in the million man march” I gotta say good thing I dressed up today…. Lol had makeup on and nice clothes…

honestly i have a 6th sense sometime because honestly i really dont dress up to see my therapist… i mean i used to when it was “Him” but since he’s been gone i’ve been dressing down… jeans, sneakers, tee shirt… but something told me to dress up today… spirits knew that i was going to see him and directed me to dress up is my only explanation… but omg…

it was like slow motion… he was a the printer down the hall.. as i was walking into the office… i know he saw me… we looked at each other.. honestly it was all like 2 seconds.. but still… omg.. he’s so damn sexy still.. =(

And just like that all of these feelings came crashing back… =( damn it….



  1. It is actually kind of ‘normal’ to develop feelings for a therapist… you see them and they listen to you and if they are good they offer strategies based on your issues to help you. It is a hugely personal experience to open yourself up so completely to someone and it makes you lose sense of the boundaries between you both. I don’t mean to belittle your feeling so please don’t hate me for saying this… it is just the way a persons brain sometimes reacts to someone being really nice and supportive. Hope you are able to resolve the feelings soon but I would definitely speak to your current therapist about it as there are things that can help xx

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