back and forth, back and forth

i’ve been juggling the idea of stopping therapy all day today… yeah i havent been thinking about it very long but yeah it’s been a thought.. i mean i feel that my source of depression has been eliminated… i mean alot of my depression was from the loss of my friends and the idea that i had no friends and that no one cared… i mean now that i have my friends back… i no longer feel lonely.. they call me every day and i call them every day and it’s great… i’m very happy…

i can still take my medicine…(seroquel) every night to keep me stabilized… and if i want to stop my medicine i can consult my psychiatrist about it.. maybe i dont need a therapist for this whole bipolar thing.. i mean how many are out there bipolar and are under treatment of a therapist? maybe i can do this on my own… who knows i mean with appointments of every other week… i kinda feel on my own anyway… and i dont look forward to therapy anyway….

i dont know… what do you guys think?



  1. Don’t give up on therapy mama! I know how it is to have limited resources and ive had to be real with certain therapists I felt it wasnt working out. They want to help, we want the help, but if we dont mesh as Dr/patient, you gotta let it be known and try to work together to change it. Ive told a few drs in the past how I felt they were unhelpful and just getting it out there changed the dynamic. I’m praying it all works out xoxo

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  2. I’ve been in therapy for 3 years, it took like 6 months for me to like my therapist and now I couldn’t live without her. A therapist is like a marital partner, it has to be the right fit. You can’t unload your brain on a person who isn’t the one right? I also do DBT and CBT which are great for trauma. Also, not wanting to take meds and stop therapy is kind of textbook for our disease. It’s a warning sign, and since you were diagnosed recently I think that’s just something to look out for 😉

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  3. Dont give up therapy, but if you don’t have a good connection with your therapist try to work something out with them. I been of medication, but have tremendous help from the therapy. But I found a really good one that I feel is so sincere and good hearted. To me that is a rear experience! Best of luck to you 😊

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      • I don’t recommend you stop your medication. I had major side effects and couldn’t stand medication. I nearly killed myself and cut my arm in depression and heavy drinking. it was a brutal and hard way to go, and don’t recommend anyone quit the medication! But it is possible, but do it with the support from professionals. I go to my therapist once a week and more often if necessary. But I have gotten through ups and downs now. I use meditation and mindfulness a lot. But the connection and support I have in my therapist and girlfriend is really helping me. Take care of your self 😊

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      • Sorry you had to go through that..but I believe they all lead us to something better even tho the hard times are terrible… I’m on medicine now but I feel very down like a depression will be coming on soon…. but who knows


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