First night out with the BFF

so last night was my first night out with my old bestfriend… and as you can see in the title we’ve decided to make it official again.. and i really couldnt be happier… we talked about why we stopped talking and how i made him feel at the time… we both spoke to each other with an understanding that we’ve never had before. i have come to realize that the 3 years we werent talking were NOT in vain… those years actually gave us time to grow…learn and forgive…

i discovered last night that i still havent quite forgiven myself and i started crying to him about my actions… he has long forgiven me but it seems i still have some work to do… we had a great night nevertheless…

it was supposed to be 4 of us but 2 flaked out… which actually was kind of expected lol but yeah it didnt matter because me and him had such a great night.. we had lunch… went to his mother’s house for some drinks… we finished off an entire bottle of wine… we went downtown and on our walk around the city found ourself at a rooftop bar and lounge where there were playing 90’s music… oh man it was great… then we went to an improv show …. that was funny and fun as well… then we went to a gay bar… it was ok there… but i was so sick to my stomach by the time we left… we went over to papayas and got some hot dogs to put some food in our stomachs…

we ended the night by clicking our water bottles together and officially calling ourselves bestfriends again and that right there was the highlight of my night… oh man what a great night!!



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