I messed up… damn it

so two of my friends are not talking… and one of them sent terrible text messages to the other saying things like “i dont care if you cry or jump off a room, i have no feelings.” and the other friend said she doesnt want to know what’s in the messages and i did tell her that they were very hard and hurtful…

today i accidentally slipped and told her something that was in the messages..i feel terrible about it… and my friend became upset…rightfully so but i didnt want her to be upset.. we were talking about the girl and the text messages and i just slipped… i wish i could make her un hear that… ugh… i’m just gonna shut up… i hate when that happens….



  1. I don’t think you messed up at all. So many times we censor ourselves to ‘protect’ the others. Most of the times we hurt ourselves by doing this. Most of the times we don’t see that we do. Then one day all we are is a silent observer who is too afraid to speak in order to not rock the boat. While there are times when silence is best, there are also times when speaking out makes a change. Especially in this case. You were not the originator of the messages yet the person who was thought it’s ok to unload on you instead of on the person he/she complained about. It’s a pitiful way to do so because it not only fails to reach the intended target but also puts a heavy burden on you…

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