End of the world

so yesterday i went to the cemetery to take some pictures… i love what i took by the way… but being there it was amazing… it was calming… relaxing… and i really didnt want to leave..there were so many beautiful statues and headstones..i had such a beautiful time there that i wanted to go back today..but i started thinking that i havent spent much time with my husband so i decided to stay home…

here are a couple of shots i took…

anyway… when i got back my husband and my sister decided to pull a prank on me… they did the nuclear attack prank where the emergency broadcasting system came on tv and it said there there was a nuclear bomb on it’s way. And get this… they filmed the whole thing…lmao… i was packing my underwear… shirts… important papers… i mean in the video i look calm but in my mind i was so confused… but yet i was calm as can be… lol i think i have the seroquel to thank for that… lol

anyway..that was the most emotion i felt all week… eh…



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