A moment of weakness

so with my therapist not being around and her being on jury duty … plus i had a drink… a strong long island iced tea… it got me to thinking about my old therapist… most of my readers know i had this terrible crush on him… some call it “erotic transference” or just “transference”… whatever it was i had it bad…

anyway i got to thinking about him and knowing i shouldnt have… i emailed him… i was terminated because he went to work for another office but anyway i decided to email him… and what did i email him.? well.. two simple words that mean so much… or could mean so much…

i simply emailed him….

“I wish”

i’m sure he can decipher that on his own… but yeah… i wish… between you and i means… i wish he was my therapist again… i wish i could see him again… i wish i can hear him laugh at my corny jokes or just sit across from me silently… i wish i can hear his voice…

oh yeah that’s another thing… i called my therapist using my old therapists old extension and it’s his voice… i mean she has his office.. why wouldnt she change it over to her own message?

i dont know.. but yeah.. i just wish…



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