i got high…

Now i have no idea why i did it… it just seemed like a good idea at the time… sooooo i smoked some weed.. now i havent smoked weed since 1999 and initially as i’m taking drags out of the one inch blunt… i’m like this is weak stuff… it aint doing nothing to me.. until about 5 mins past… i felt like i was sweating… mouth got dry… had to get some fresh air… i felt my heart beating through my chest… it was crazy…

it wasnt until i got under the air conditioner that i started to feel better… i dont think it’s something that i will do for a long time… or maybe not.. who knows… i mean maybe it would be more fun with someone else…but yeah… who knows… i mean … i did have a good times once the initial high hit… i started feeling mellow…

decided to call my friend over the phone but it was weird because it was like i was hearing her but i wasnt lol.. like i was listening past her.. that’s a hard thing to describe…

anyway to keep myself distracted i was watching dishes… and cooking… then before too long i was sober again… =)

i’m going to tell my therapist about this when i see her… she’s going to trip out…




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