Am I trippin?

so i just recently started talking to my two former best friends… one of the complaints they had about me was that i always swung whatever conversation we were having, back to me… no matter what we were talking about…and i saw that, so that’s one of the things that i wanted to change about myself when having conversations with them… so now that’s exactly what i do… we talk about them for a while… and after i feel the conversation is dwindling i’ll say something else that has to do with me and my day or something that i’m thinking and they dont even really converse with me about what i said…

i mean when they are talking about what they want to talk about i ask questions… suggest things…even ooohh and ahhhh about some of the things they are saying.. i really show an interest… i ask them about their day and people in it you know.. .i’m truly gaining an interest but seems like they have no interest in me…i just feel like not even talking about myself anymore.. just to see if they ask questions about me or my day… i dont know what to do… if they have no interest in me… then why are they talking to me… to just blabber about their day… dont get me wrong i’m interested…

i would just like them to be interested in me as well… i mean damn i have shit going on too… but at the same time i dont want them to think i’m making everything about me… smh… the conundrum…



  1. Idea: Try asking them something that happened to them that day and see where it goes. The best conversations are the back and forth. They know you are listening to them if you ask questions about what they have told you too. Let me know what you think!

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