Angry at my therapist

i dont even know if i should confront her with these feelings… she doesnt respond to my emails… but when i see her in person she always says .. “i just read your email.” like whatttttt???? smh and it just annoys me..

so yesterday i had an appointment for her at 5pm… i was tired… i came right from work and i go into the office and tell the receptionist… “i’m here to see _____, i have an appointment at 5.” i grabbed the bathroom key so that i can change my shirt which was a little dirty from work… as i grab the door handle to walk out of the office she says… “hey you have an appointment for ____?” and i say “yeah” she goes… “_____ isnt here.” i said “what? isnt today wednesday?” she said “yeah but she’s on jury duty… someone should have called you.” but yeah they didnt so i was so upset… ugh.. i just hate wasting my time…

i went to have a drink with my girlfriend and i start thinking of … you guessed it… my old therapist… i emailed him two simple words… “I wish….” now that could mean alot of things… and it does… i wish he was still my therapist… i wish my therapist was more available for me… i wish my last therapist didnt have to terminate me… i wish he would take me back…

ugh.. just wasnt my day..



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