Lunch Date

I had a lunch date today … it was with bestfriend 1… i honestly thought it was going to be awkward being our first time really hanging out since 2015 new years day… yeah because of our fallout… but you know it was really interesting.. she shared with me things about her life and her children…

at first i was wondering….what will i talk about until i decided to let her keep the conversation going… she is a talker anyway and that’s a good thing… one of her complaints about me was that i wouldnt listen with interest… i’d listen just to wait for my turn to speak.. so i made sure i didnt do that… i was really listening to her and talking about what she wanted to talk about…

but it went well we even took a picture together… our first picture since we started talking… this is a big deal for me… relationships are important and i really want them to work out…


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