Social Overload

before rekindling my friendship with bestfriend 1 and bestfriend 2… i only really had maybe 2 people that i spoke to on a regular basis… most days i would be home watching tv… writing in my blog… going to do photography…(sometimes) and working… i really didnt have much of a social life and i kinda considered myself alone… not that i liked being alone… just that now that i’m talking to both after 3 or 4 years of not speaking really feels like overload…i dont think im really complaining about it… it’s just such a change…

I went from not speaking to anyone regularly… meaning on a daily basis…. to speaking to bestfriend 1 every day…we have even started making plans together… she was supposed to go out with me last minute but she cancelled… she said she would make it up.. now we have plans to have brunch on friday… i dont know if maybe this is too fast for me… now i just feel like i’m taking time away from my husband… but you know what.. i wanted a social life for so long….

there were times that i would get depressed thinking about how lonely i was… i guess maybe i’m still kinda fearful that i will lose them again… i really dont know what the point of this blog was… but its just a drastic change.. even hubby is saying that i’m going out more often and yea it’s true but there’s nothing wrong with that… i dont complain about him going out anymore… so there’s nothing wrong with it…

i really dont know how i feel… i mean bestfriend 1 is quite the talker.. she can easily keep me on the phone for an hour or so… anyway nothing wrong cause she’s interesting… but you know…

anyway like i said… i dont know how i feel about this social thing now…


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