There is hope

me and my former bff had a tiny conversation over facebook messenger…. but i have this urge to give him things and to give things to my other bff… both people i havent really spoken to in 3 or 4 years because we had a fall out… but i just have this urge to buy them gifts… maybe in an attempt to buy their love back or to show that i’m a good person… we know having bipolar disorder…. thinking that we are good people is often a challenge especially during the depression phase… but anyway…

i made a youtube channel commemorating our former friendship… all of the videos and clips i had of us going back to 1998.. they were all very funny and he said that he was laughing… but we still havent have a verbal conversation… it’s all been through messenger.. but i have to keep it in mind not rush things..i have a tendency to do that.. and i’m really trying but i’ve missed him so much and there are so many things i want to go over… but i do have hope that we will develop little by little…. its just so hard to wait for…



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