Not Bipolar….?

well most people know that i have a new therapist, so we have only had about 5 sessions and i asked her yesterday… does she think i’m bipolar…. or does she think it’s something else… she said

I dont, because i feel like, i don’t know, i haven’t seen the symptoms of the mania. like you’ve told me about them, but you also have so much self awareness and insight into what’s going on with yourself , that its’ hard for me to imagine you being out of control like that. that’s kinda where i stand to be honest.  like you’re really more insightful than most people are about them self. so it’s very hard to imagine you being out of control like that. “

I did tell her that i’m on Seroquel and i broke down how my last therapist came to the conclusion.. but honestly i really dont know how to make her see that his diagnosis was good..and accurate… i explained that i only became self aware after i got my diagnosis… i was able to do research and really pay attention to how i feel…and that’s why i believe i’m self aware…

now i kinda feel like i should prove it to her somehow…

go figure…  maybe i should get off of my medication to see if i become hypo… i dont know i’ll think about it..

i mean i did have my moments of being out of control but when the depression hits and i’m crying and being sad… that happens in privacy because when i’m out in the world i put on a happy face…

only when i’m hypomanic do people see that side because i’m always looking for adventure and to connect with people…





  1. How can she say “I haven’t seen the mania? Etc…..” no1 is going to be manic every time they see their therapist or any doctor. I personally do not like your new therapist, but if she is helping you then that’s good. But every other week? Bull. I thought therapy was every week? What a joke. But anyways….people with Bipolar are not always seen as bipolar…….youre not going to walk down the street and look at people, point, an say “u you’re bipolar, you’re bipolar, you’re not b i polar, oh you must be bipolar” know what I mean? She’s ridiculous

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    • Yeah I was crying in her office over some things that had been goin on.. and she scheduled me for next week too so that was nice… I guess she’s busy cause she had to take on my old therapists clients… that’s my only explanation… I didn’t ask her ya know … and yeah you’re right about me not being manic every time I see her… so you know what I’m gonna do… I’m gonna stop my meds lol

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