Snapped at my Manager

so today was super busy.. they didnt even let me take a lunch break on top of the fact that i am in the beginning stages of a cold… anyway so i wasnt able to really complete my daily tasks because we had a catering order of over $1000 and i had to really focus on that most of the day… anyway.. so it’s about 3:00pm and my manager starts telling me that i have to prepare some cornbread for the night shift… i was like “nooooooo” in my whiniest voice… me being silly of course… but she was like “yeah it needs to be done.” i told her that i wouldnt have any time to do that and finish my daily work … she comes back with “it’s not my problem…” that right there kinda triggered me… but i kept it under wraps…

i wanted to curse her out so bad but i held my tongue… there was no need for her to respond in that way… now what i really wanted to say was…”not your problem? oh well these cornbreads, if i dont get to them by 4:00pm…what ever happens after 4 is NOT MY PROBLEM.” but i just held my tongue…. so i’m doing my best to get to the cornbreads and pan them out… so i’m taking care of other things just so that i have time to do it… as i’m doing other things she tells me… “_______ it’s 3:30 you gotta get to those cornbreads.” I snapped and i said “_______ PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR AND LAY OFF OF ME.”  one thing about me is i hate being nagged or micromanaged… i know how to do my damn job…

she was like “oh no i’m just saying so you know what time it is…” i said “i know what time it is…”

but just as quicly as i felt good for standing up for myself… i also felt i had to do some damage control…so i did and it doesnt look like there was any permanent damage there…


but damn…



  1. That’s ridiculous that she snapped at you. I would’ve cone up with “well what the hell are you doing?” Or “you have two hands why not do it your damn self?” Lol then again I’d think you’d want go keep your job…

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